Hi, I'm Joseph.

picture of me

Technical by nature, I have experience with electronics, mechanics and programming.

I'm passionate about information rights and believe no-one should be deprived of the right to work by lack of information.

Full name: Joseph Graham
DOB: 1991
Location: South of England where I grew up
Sex: male, heterosexual
Languages: English
Religion: brought up as a Catholic

As occupation, I work as a DevOps engineer in digital transformation.

Outside of work, I maintain several websites:


You can email me: joseph@xylon.me.uk. You may use my PGP public key.

Miscellaneous facts

I have a vestibular disorder which makes me sensitive to noise.

I worked as a cleaner for years while I learned the skills that eventually got me a job in computing.

I've ridden around Taiwan with a gang of scooters.